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ThinLabs, Inc.
ThinLabs, Inc.
Revolutionizing Desktop Computing with POE Computers, Industrial Thin Clients, Digital Signage Displays
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The leading independent manufacturer of next-generation PoE Computers and Digital Signage.

Thinlabs offers the widest range of All-in-One Computers and desktop computing with specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors. We have set the standard in PoE Computers, digital signage and kiosks, and have developed next generation solutions for the Smart Building.

POE Computers

POE Computers

Reduce Electrical Requirements Up To 90%

Our Power over Ethernet computers can be powered either by using network switches (IEEE's 802.3at and Cisco's UPoE standards) or PoE injectors, and do not require electrical wiring or plug points. The advantages as a result are significant and include:

  • Cost Elimination: With no need for electrical plug points, electrical wiring or expensive electricians, Thinlabs' PoE computers will help you reduce costs significantly. Include procurement costs and transportation, and those sums add up to very impressive numbers
  • Speed up project timelines: Thinlabs PoE Computers can be installed in hours / days, reducing project timelines by high margins and speeding up time to productivity.
  • Greener solution: Thinlabs PoE computers are among the most energy-efficient computers in the world and consume on average about one-third of the power. Add the green credentials with eliminating electrical cabling makes Thinlabs PoE computers the must-have green solution for the Enterprise.

Safer to use - PoE is rated at a max of 57V DC and is considered safe to use in comparison with 110/220V AC electricity.

Low Power Industrial Computers


All-In-One Industrial Computers from Thinlabs are heavy-duty systems built tough for long lasting performance that integrate seamlessly into your company's kiosk enclosures as Open Frame computers or are available with Anti-Bacterial Plastics. The devices are highly energy efficient, with no moving parts to ensure high system reliability, built with IPC motherboards with conformal coating and fanless design to prevent the effects of metallic & carbon dust and oil residue.

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Digital Signage Displays & Solutions

Digital Signage Displays

Display important information Digitally

No Electric Plug Needed!

Simple to Install - High on Performance and Features

  • Power Over Ethernet – Thinlabs PoE Digital Signage gets power and data via your Ethernet network – no A/C electrical supply is necessary near the signage
  • Touch/Non-touch Screen – Use as either an interactive touch screen or a digital display, with both touch and non-touch options available
  • AIO Form Factor – the All-in-One form factor (computer and screen in one package) means you do not need a separate computer / thin client to feed data to your device
  • Powerful Features – Quad Core processor, integrated Radeon graphics, up to 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage
  • Easy Management - IRIS systems are part of a complete Thinlabs central management solution with next generation, easy-to-use Thinlabs Device Manager Enterprise software

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