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Micro Trap Corp
Micro Trap Corp
Manufacturer of Instrumentation and Filtration Equipment

Fire Detection Systems - Wireless

The Fire-Breaker System is the first of its kind: a portable, wireless fire detection system which utilizes battery-powered, smoke detectors and a central receiver/transmitter control unit to constantly monitor a broad site area for fire conditions.  Read more here >

Air Sampling Pumps for High Volume Situations

The Micro Max-XP has been designed as a long life, low cost, but powerful high volume air sampling pump. Its’ double diaphragms provide a smooth air flow up to 20 LPM for a PCM cassette and 11.5 LPM with a TEM cassette. Will also provide up to 40 LPM for mold sampling with an Impactor or Air-O-Cell cassette. Find specifications here >

Room Pressure Monitors for Hospitals, Labs and Cleanrooms

The Tri/Mon V.II by Micro Trap Corporation is an instrument for measuring and recording very small pressure differences. The unit was designed specifically for Trimon-V-II positive or negative pressure systems in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, HVAC systems and environmental work sites. It provides instantaneous readings of the differential between the air pressure inside a contained space and the pressure outside. Find more information here >

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