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Commercial Office Space You Will Love

Commercial Office Space in Bucks County
Commercial Space
Commercial Office Space You Will Love 

No two offices are alike at 225. Personalized and unique, each business owner can set their space apart from others. More importantly, the space can be made to serve your specific business needs both in size and amenities. Entrepreneurial Office Space is anywhere from individual private offices, shared office space in the Business Incubator all the way up to multi-office spaces with and without reception areas and seated waiting rooms. Professional and business offices co-exist seamlessly together. There is plenty of business-business activity between individual businesses on-site at 225. High speed internet is available from Comcast and Verizon. Common Wi-Fi for guests and limited business use services most of the facility. Take the tour to understand how this commercial property in Bucks County suits your needs. At least 50% of 225 businesses have a requirement that utilizes combinations of office, warehouse and outside space for storage.

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Small Office Space for Growing Businesses

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e-Commerce; We have Space for You

A shift to selling via the internet from small to medium warehouse areas is on the rise. A new business idea can be implemented at a cost that is highly competitive. At 225 you rent as little or as much space as is needed. Your web presence can be enhanced with the availability of a shared photo studio allowing you professional images for your e-Commerce site. 225 lends itself to this trending business model and you can see many examples when you take the tour.

Office Warehouse Space for Rent

Sometimes businesses have inventory and storage needs. Often, we can set you up with the appropriate amount of office space in Building A and then allocate a locked warehouse cage in Building B or C. These warehouse office combinations are arranged based upon the type of goods being stored and how often you need access to your inventory.

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Office-Warehouse Space for Rent
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