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Celebrate Our New Home Online

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Come in and take a peek at the Brand New, our new home online. We are all about supporting the 225 Community and that shows in the images and videos we are featuring on this new website. Our new blog is called “225 Happenings” and the platform we will use to communicate more effectively with our partners, your employees and Lower Bucks County business professionals. This post is our first and invite you to share your comments with Bill. Join us in celebrating our new home online.

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New Website Features That Will Help Your Business

Your Own Promotional Page

In addition to the blog, we have re-invented the 225 Business Directory. Here you get to extend the reach of your own website and online exposure efforts. We started your own personal business profile with just the basic information. And we will ask you to customize your business profile as you see best for your brand. You can add images and possibly videos if you wish and round it out with a link to your website and social media assets.
email Bill or Tom Gilmour: to get started.

Text Communications When You Need to Know

In case there are future power outages, pandemics, police activity or SMS Announcementsjust to announce we are testing the fire alarm, your property management team can now send out notifications to your cell phone. Be assured that we only plan on using this bulk texting service at times when an email will just not do or if there is an urgent message you need to know about. We will not abuse this privilege to communicate with you via text. Emergencies do happen and we believe timely communications to our 225 Community will help everyone that uses these facilities. Therefore, we will ask that you and your key team members share with us your primary cell phone number so that we can communicate via text “When You Need to Know”
Start Here:

The 225 Breakfast Club

Now that we have a blog we can work with; we can share Key Take-Aways & Information on subjects that matter 225 Breakfast Club most to our community members. For example, The 225 Breakfast Club can now post information that may be valuable, discussion points that require your attention and even pictures or video that will support their network efforts. We will keep that information live online in one neat category for you to view when you are ready to see it. Just visit the 225 Happenings link at the top of the website and select the "Breakfast Club" category from the drop-down list.
Do you have an idea for a blog category that you wish to share with Bill and the property management team? Let us know, we are all ears: 

More Website Features that May Interest You

This project has been in the works for some time now and we tried to build a tool that will bring us into the future. We considered how people consume information, the speed at which information flows, finding information on Google and other search engines. Here are some other features we wish to note.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

  • Click to Call & Email from any device

  • Page load speed is lightning fast

  • Content is FULLY Optimized for Google Search

  • Internal Website Search is Easy to Find

  • New brand images, colors and clean page layouts

Who’s Responsible for This Work?

Over the years, Bill, Mike and the Property Management team have taken the time to listen to you, our 225 Community members. Thank you for all of your insights on what will make us stronger together. We have taken your input and put some of that into action. You allowed us to take pictures and gave us permission to share them here…thank you! 

As you know, we support local companies whenever we can. Bob Shegda works for DirectLync in Newtown PA, is an active participant in our 225 activities, the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce and lives in Bucks County. DirectLync built the website using their proprietary digital marketing platform and I think they did a great job!

Many of you may also know Tom Gilmour. He helped me write the content, assemble the pictures, we took a few new ones, and gathered everything into one neat package for DirectLync. He also took care of the project management details for us. Tom’s company e-Xplorations Marketing LLC has been an active member of The Chamber, participated in many of our events and is probably the best SEO consultant in Bucks and Montgomery County. He did all of the SEO and will continue to support our digital marketing efforts here at 225 Lincoln Properties.

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